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A. M. P. Kashani, Mitra (2013). Effect of cation substitutions in an ionomer glass composition on the setting reaction and properties of the resulting glass ionomer cements. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Abdelsalam Mohamad, Sherif ORCID: 0000-0002-0613-0418 (2022). Application of blue light for phototherapy of dental tissues. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Abdulkareem, Ali Abbas (2017). Potential involvement of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the pathogenesis of periodontitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

AbuOnq, Zaid (2010). Influence of plasma proteins on setting characteristics of mineral trioxide aggregate like cement. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Abusurur, Ruba (2022). Impact of local glucose and potassium variations on cellular responses: a potential mechanistic link between periodontitis and diabetes. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Adams, Lorna (2020). A study of the suitability of pre-mixed self-etching primers as orthodontic bonding agents. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Adedayo, Babatunde Adelowo ORCID: 0000-0003-0107-0871 (2021). The effect of specimen preparation on degree of conversion and hardness of dental resin composites. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Al Hadi, Noor Alhuda (2021). Reproducibility of extra-oral tongue motion in a normal cohort using a 3D motion capture system. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Al-Maswary, Arwa Ahmed Abdullah (2021). Establishment of neuronal cell models for the study of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy for nerve regeneration. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Albaaj, Firas Saddam Oglah (2018). Development of a model to assess cleaning and disinfection of complex root canal systems. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ariffin, Farha (2020). Secretomes from dental-derived mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Atwal, Sukhi Kaur (2018). The factors which affect mid-facial growth in unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate. University of Birmingham. M.Dent.Sc.


Badlishah Sham, Nurul Iman (2020). Exploring the aberrant phenotype of neutrophils in periodontitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Batt, Joanna Mary (2017). The biological effects of titanium corrosion products on gingival epithelium. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bhogal, Preetpal Singh (2009). A study to investigate discomfort associated with fixed orthodontic appliances. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Boissonade, Jonathan James (2015). Direct contact measurement of the dielectric properties of glass ionomer cements for MEMs design. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bowe, Denise Catherine (2016). The effect of cleaning and tooth whitening agents on the mechanical properties of two thermoplastic orthodontic retainer materials. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Busby, Michael Clive (2011). Measuring success in dental practice using patient feedback - a feasibility study. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Bussell, Mary Alice (2012). The efficacy of alveolar-decortication to reduce treatment time for orthodontic alignment of palatally impacted canines. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Chicca, Ilaria Jessica (2017). Development and application of a novel high- throughput technique for screening neutrophil extracellular traps. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Comar, Eisha (2014). Interactions of 45s5 bioactive glass with the dentine-pulp complex. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Coomaraswamy, Kristian Sham (2017). Systematic analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate using a model cement system. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Curtis, Andrew R. (2009). The influence of ‘nanocluster’ reinforcement on the mechanical properties of a resin-based composite material. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Davies, Owen (2014). Adipose-derived stem cells for dental tissue engineering. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Desai, Rajeev Ramarao (2022). A study to compare the accuracy of volume measurement between a commercially available 3D facial imaging system (di4d snap) and an “app” based system (bellus3d). University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Duncan, Hal Fergus (2017). Epigenetic approaches: the emerging role of histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACis) in promoting dental pulp cell repair mechanisms in vitro. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Dunsford, Lucy (2020). Comparison of 3D facial soft tissue changes following Twin-block and Button & Bead appliances: a single centre randomised clinical trial. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.


El-Habbash, Salwa (2023). The influence of the nasolabial angle on percieved facial aesthetics- a study using a 3D facial image and image manipulation software. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.


Fareed, Muhammad Amber (2010). Reinforced dental glass ionomer cements: from conventional to nanocomposites. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Flanagan, Jenny (2015). Comparison of the mechanical and surface properties of retrieved and unused aesthetic orthodontic archwire. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Flight, Rachel Catharine (2017). Novel approaches for image analysis of in vitro epithelial cultures with application to silver nanoparticle toxicity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Foale, Simon (2014). Project 1: Characterising the neural potential of dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells in comparison to other mesenchymal stem cell sources for neural stem cell generation And Project 2: Investigating the role of the dynamic synaptic cleft size and its role in plastic processes. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Franks, Sarah Louise (2023). Do patients with facial dsymorphology recognise themselves in profile? University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Fugill, Martin (2015). Simulation and student transition in restorative dentistry. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.


Gale, Sarah (2014). Preliminary investigations into measurements and par scores taken from plaster and two types of digital study model. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Gale, Zoe (2012). Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor effects on dental pulp cells and osteoblast-like cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Gandavadi, Amar (2008). Working postures in dental practitioners and dental students: relationships between posture, seating, and muscle activity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Gao, Qianhua (2016). Biological effects of low-intensity ultrasound on dental stem cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Grammatopoulos, Ektor (2010). A study of the effects of playing a wind instrument on the occlusion. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Green, David Jonathan Blears (2019). Exploiting bioactive molecules in the dentine matrix for the treatment of apical periodontitis. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Green, David Jonathan Blears (2019). Exploiting bioactive molecules in the dentine matrix for the treatment of apical periodontitis. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.


Habib, Emile (2017). The effect of a transpalatal or nance palatal arch on sliding mechanics with varying degrees of molar rotations. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Hadis, Mohammed Abdul (2011). Polymerisation kinetics and optical phenomena of photoactive dental resins. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Hall, Emily (2013). The effects of orthodontic force application upon the tissues of the human dental pulp. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Haria, Paras Jiteshkumar ORCID: 0000-0001-6941-7478 (2022). A single centre randomised controlled trial of the twin block and button & bead appliances in class II malocclusions. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Harris, Phillipa Claire (2012). Effect of density gradient material upon ex-vivo neutrophil behaviour, and Effect of neutrophil extracellular traps upon the growth and survival of periodontopathogenic bacteria. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Harte, Criona (2011). An analysis of inter-examiner variability in PAR scoring. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Heads, David Alan (2016). Impact of tooth agenesis on oral health related quality of life in adults. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Higgins, Shane Anthony (2017). Tooth size and arch dimensions in a hypodontia patient group. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Hobbins, Stephanie Ann (2018). Periodontitis in COPD and alpha-1 antitypsin deficiency. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Howell, Jessica Louise (2016). A study into the relationship between dental development and cervical vertebral maturation in UK subjects. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Hutton, Alison (2008). The oral health needs of children, adolescents and young adults after cancer therapy for solid tumours. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Jayachandran, Sivakumar (2022). Dental implant practice and education in the UK- current challenges and future challenges. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jeffery, Hannah Claire (2012). Determining the functional impact of KSHV infection of endothelial cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Kalra, Sonam (2014). The distribution and pro-inflammatory impact of titanium debris accumulation in the peri-implant environment. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kelly, Paul Thomas (2015). The strategic role of innovation in addressing oral health inequality in primary care organisations in England. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Khan, Erum (2012). Characterisation of 2D and 3D oral keratinocyte cultures. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Khatoon, Binish (2015). The uptake of electronic/mobile technologies in dental education at the University of Birmingham. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Khiroya, Rahul (2013). Dose optimisation in contemporary digital lateral cephalometry. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Khurshid, Zohaib (2015). Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial peptides for medical and dental applications. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Kooanantkul, Chuta (2020). Investigation of the validity of using 3D printed teeth to replace human teeth for in-vitro endodontic research. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Kotecha, Sheena (2012). The impact of hypodontia on the oral health-related quality of life in children. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Koutroulis, Andreas (2019). Effect of additions of chemicals on properties of endodontic cements. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Kumar, Naresh (2011). Exploring the variability in mechanical property testing of dental resin composites. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Laverty, Dominic Peter ORCID: 0000-0003-0913-3339 (2020). Outcomes of implant based prosthetic oral rehabilitation of head and neck oncology patients. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Lea, Simon Christian (2004). The assessment of ultrasonic instruments in dentistry. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ling, Martin Robert (2015). Neutrophil function in chronic periodontitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ling-Mountford, Nicola Ann (2010). The role of local and peripheral antioxidants in the pathogenesis of chronic Periodontitis in smokers. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Linjawi, Amal Ibrahim (2011). Present and future challenges for e-learning in dentistry. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Little, Rachel Ann (2016). A study into the effects of different ligation techniques on mandibular incisor alignment. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Lopez-Oliva Santa Cruz, Isabel (2018). Rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis: antibody response, oral microbiome, cytokine profile and effect of periodontal treatment. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lucarotti, Peter Stephen Kerr (2003). The life expectancy of dental restorations placed within the General Dental Services in England and Wales. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Man, Jennifer Sui-Sum (2011). Biological effects of low frequency ultrasound on bone and tooth cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mangnall, Louise Anne Ruth (2011). A randomised controlled trial to assess the pain associated with the debond of orthodontic fixed appliances. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Manhota, Menisha (2022). Ultrasound-responsive silica nanoparticles for the delivery of antimicrobial agents in dentistry. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

McAvinchey, Grainne (2013). The perception of facial asymmetry. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

McAvinchey, Sinead Anne (2011). The effect of Staphylococcus epidermidis on the pH and dissolution of substitute bone graft materials. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Mead, Ben (2015). Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for traumatic and degenerative eye disease. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mead, Ben (2012). The pro-regenerative effects of dental pulp stem cells on the injured CNS AND Establishing a rat model of proliferative vitreoretinopathy to evaluate Decorin as a potential treatment. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Mehta, Aarti (2018). The influence of interdental spacing on perceived smile aesthetics. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Milward, Michael Robert (2010). Oral epithelium in the pathogenesis of periodontitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Moetazedian, Amirpasha (2018). Modification of novel Portland based cement for orthopaedic application. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Mountcastle, Sophie E ORCID: 0000-0002-4759-0437 (2022). Race to the surface: developing in vitro and in silico models of microbial and mammalian cell growth on implant surfaces. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Muchová, Mária (2020). Characterisation of Fusobacterium nucleatum biofilms and cyclic di-nucleotide production. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Mukinay, Tatiana ORCID: 0000-0002-0228-3038 (2020). The development of antibacterial and wear resistant Ti6Al4V surfaces by silver doping, selective laser melting and thermal oxidation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Muqbil, Insigam (2010). Analysis of Bolton's tooth size discrepancy for a referred UK population. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Musson, David (2010). Adrenomedullin in dental tissues. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Narendrakumar, Krunal (2015). Developing methods to prevent or treat microbial colonisation of titanium dental implant surfaces. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Nicolae, Laura Cristina (2012). Project 1: The effect of Nrf2 activators on mesenchymal stem cell viability in response to light curable dimethacrylate resins and Project 2: 3D architectural influences on mesenchymal stem cells co-cultured with H400 epithelial oral cell line using hydrogels. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Nicolae, Laura Cristina (2016). The development of light curable biomaterials with enhanced biocompatibility for orthopaedic surgery. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


O'Beirne, Joanne L. (2011). Development and characterisation of a Portland cement-based dental root filling material. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

O'Connell, Susan (2016). A two centre single blind randomised controlled trial to assess the effect of a patient information website on patients understanding of orthognathic surgery. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.


Pace, Audrey Frances (2014). A multi-centre pilot clinical trial to assess patient’s expectations and experience of pain with temporary anchorage devices. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Palmer, Lisa Joanne (2010). Neutrophil extracellular traps in periodontitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Papadiamantis, Anastasios (2017). Maturation and ageing in biominerals with application to enamel maturation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Patel, Anish Bakulesh (2019). The impact of the presence of an anterior open bite on the oral health-related quality of life in adults. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Patel, Chandni (2020). Changes in lower incisor inclination following the treatment of Class II malocclusions with the Twin-Block and Button-and-Bead appliances: a single centre randomised controlled trial. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Patel, Jigar Vipinchandra (2012). Calcium phosphate orthodontic adhesives: an in vitro investigation of bond strength and calcium ion release. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Patel, Nahul (2014). Success of secondary alveolar bone grafting and canine eruption in cleft subjects. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Patel, Upen Sachin (2016). Kilohertz ultrasound as a potential therapy for dental repair. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Patel, Yatisha Ashok (2021). Do post-surgical unilateral cleft lip and palate patients have a comparable dynamic facial expression to a non-cleft population? University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Poole, Ruth Louise (2010). Vibrations of high-speed dental handpieces measured using laser vibrometry. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Purswani, Sudha (2013). T-cell entosis in the liver: catching escaping t-cells and The expression of e3 ubiquitin ligases in t-cells. University of Birmingham. M.Res.


Rahman, Zarish (2023). The 3D maxillary orientation device (3DMOD) - a novel device for measuring post-surgical three-dimensional maxillary changes. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Raja, Abida (2020). Feasibility of provision and evaluation of sealants for children having caries related dental extractions under a general anaesthetic. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Reyes Silveyra, Lupita Jocelin (2012). Investigations on automated methods for dental plaque detection. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Richardson, Elizabeth Mary (2010). In vitro investigation into bond strength of metal and ceramic orthodontic brackets. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Roberts, Helen (2012). Effect of adipokine priming upon neutrophil oxygen radical and extracellular trap release in response to stimulation by periodontal bacteria and Effect of different adipokine concentrations upon neutrophil directional chemotaxis. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Roberts, Helen Michelle (2017). Neutrophil function in chronic inflammatory disease states. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Robinson, Jonathan Peter (2014). Imaging of root canal preparation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Round, Simon Giles (2011). A comparison of rotary and reciprocating nickel titanium preparation in simulated root canals. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Saeed, Naveed (2019). In vitro characterisation of human cleft fibroblasts isolated from patients with differing cleft manifestations. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Saha, Shuva (2010). Getting evidence into practice: an investigation of the use and understanding of evidence-based practice by general dental practitioners in the West Midlands. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Salomon-Ibarra, Candy Cecilia ORCID: 0000-0001-8028-7766 (2021). An evaluation of initiatives to improve dental attendance and outcomes in young children. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sample, Klarke Michael (2011). Project 1: Investigating the role of FAM198b in angiogenesis, tumourgenesis and wound repair and Project 2: Isolation and culture of mesenchymal stem cells for craniofacial tissue regeneration. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Sandholzer, Michael (2014). Heat-induced alterations of dental tissues. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Scannell, John (2012). Measurement of applied force to dislodge orthodontic temporary anchorage devices. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Seager, Leonie (2017). A study of smile aesthetics perception amongst dental professionals, patients and parents towards impacted maxillary canine treatment options. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Serban, Stefan Teodor (2017). Outcomes of Periodontal Treatment in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (OPERA): quantitative and qualitative results of a pilot randomized controlled trial. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Serrage, Hannah ORCID: 0000-0002-4995-6076 (2019). Development of Photobiomodulation (PBM) approaches for the management of oral diseases. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sharma, Praveen ORCID: 0000-0001-6435-4842 (2019). Exploring the links between periodontal health and cardio-renal health in patients with chronic kidney disease. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Shawkat, Essam Salem (2010). The effect of the oxygen inhibition layer on interfacial bond strengths and stain resistance of dental resin composites. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Sheriff, Lozan (2012). Nuclear Factor \(\kappa\)B transcriptional regulator function in haemopoietic stem cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Shoker, Satvir Singh (2022). Influence of periodontal pathogens on induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in oral keratinocytes. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Simon, Stéphane (2010). Molecular characterisation of odontoblast during primary, secondary and tertiary dentinogenesis. Caractérisation moléculaire de l’odontoblaste au cours des dentinogénèses primaire, secondaire et tertiaire. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Smith, James George William (2012). Cellular responses to dental extracellular matrix molecules. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Smith, Michael James (2012). Derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells from rat primary cells utilising the cre-lox lentiviral delivery system. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Smith, Michael James (2017). Utilising mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue and dental pulp for epithelial tissue engineering. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Tomson, Phillip Leo (2013). Dentine extracellular matrix components liberated by calcium silicate cements and their effects on dental pulp cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Ullah, Rehan (2014). The validity of 3dMD Vultus in predicting soft tissue morphology following orthognathic surgery. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Vasudev, Joyti (2014). A study of non-syndromic hypodontia in a high risk population. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Vyas, Nina (2017). Imaging dental ultrasonic cavitation and its effects. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


White, Cleo Laura (2019). Developing a 3D organotypical model to assess gum penetrating implant soft tissue outcomes and implant device development. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

White, Phillipa Claire (2016). The role of neutrophil extracellular traps in the pathogenesis of periodontal diseases. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Wilson, Jay Louise (2011). Analysis of biological pathways, associated with orthodontic force, using multiplex arrays. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Wongviriya, Adjabhak (2023). The influence of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 2 in determining the invasive behaviour of oral squamous carcinoma cell lines using 2 and 3D models. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Wynn-Jones, Gareth David (2013). Development of a Portland cement based system for vertebroplasty. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Yonel, Zehra ORCID: 0000-0002-5477-8315 (2023). Early detection of non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and type 2 diabetes in dental practice settings. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Zainal, Siti Aishah (2017). Effects of low-level light therapy on epithelial progenitor cells. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

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