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Bhogal, Karam (2023). School practitioners’ perceptions of the impact of Intensive Interaction on the emotional wellbeing of pupils with severe intellectual disabilities and autism. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Blake, Julie Lorraine ORCID: 0000-0002-0379-1720 (2023). An exploration of the lived experiences of Black Caribbean girls in secondary schools in England in the twenty-first century. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Irvine, Brian ORCID: 0000-0002-9515-8032 (2023). A Framework for Specialist (Autism) Mentoring in UK Higher Education. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jarman, Polly Alexandra (2023). Children's encounters with urban woodlands, digital technologies and materialities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Smith, Lynda (2023). What do family narratives reveal about parental perceptions of societal attitudes towards autism and how does this impact upon family functioning? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Attard, Yanika (2022). What are the views of autistic young people, their parents and professionals on which daily life skills need to be taught, and what are the promoters and barriers to achieving such skills? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Basi, Manjinder Singh (2022). Emotional wellbeing: lived experiences of children and young people 'on road'. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Bukamal, Hanin ORCID: 0000-0002-9705-7016 (2022). The inclusive practice continuum: a comparative case study exploring the conceptualisation and implementation of inclusive education in England and Bahrain. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Davis, Carolyn A. (2022). Change and school improvement: An exploration of school leaders' perceptions and experiences of distributed leadership in three special school settings. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Halton, Laura Jane (2022). “Square pegs in round holes”: a Foucauldian discourse analysis of educational professionals’ constructions of school exclusions and children at risk of exclusion in primary education. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Knee, Sarah Katherine (2022). Literacy practices of Nepalese children in the UK: A linguistic ethnographic study. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mansfield, Eleanor (2022). Adolescent females with ADHD: an interpretive phenomenological analysis of school experience. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Sandland, Barbara ORCID: 0000-0002-2644-6436 (2022). The spiral of self-identification of autism. understanding self-identification of autism through firsthand experiences. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Skinner, Robert ORCID: 0000-0002-4444-686X (2022). Reproducing or challenging power relations? A qualitative study of the field of peace education in Colombia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Tavoulari, Aikaterini I. (2022). “Disability, attitudes and stigma in Greek society”: exploring the perceptions of caregivers and professionals regarding the repetitive behaviour of children with vision impairment and children on the autism spectrum (a comparative study). University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Dobson, Graeme ORCID: 0000-0002-1871-6301 (2021). Becoming a SENCO: an investigation into why teachers become special educational needs coordinators in England. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mackenzie, Rowan Mia (2021). Creating Space for Shakespeare with Marginalised Communities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Palmer, Michael (2021). An exploration of how professional perspective influences experience of the autism diagnostic process. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.


Edwards, Danielle Leane (2020). Vision, ethos and values in two Birmingham schools: purpose, articulation and realisation. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Gaffney, Rowan Annie (2020). “I have no clue how I survived school let alone done well”: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the lived experiences of young people in care who have achieved educational success. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Kay, Daniel (2020). Students with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a case study of personhood. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

O'Donnell, Natasha (2020). A study of the identity of early education teachers: a Montessori context. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Quinn, Sophie (2020). An evaluation of the power of kindness in primary aged children: a whole-class intervention. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.


Aberton, Rebecca (2019). Meanings, linkages and enactment: a local study of policy in the context of a Sure Start Children's Centre. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Covarino, Giulia (2019). Literature in the foreign language classroom: students' and teachers' views on learner motivation, reading habits and skills, and the role of the teacher. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Palfrey, Emma (2019). Preparing student teachers to teach inclusively: a case study of a higher education PGCE course in Wales. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Whitehouse, Esther Sarah Simone (2019). To what extent does the pedagogical approach of the 2007 Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education facilitate the engagement of pupils of all faiths and none to learn both from and about religious traditions? An exploration of teachers’ views. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Alshahrani, Basmah Fahad (2018). Obstacles to inclusion of students with special educational needs (SEN) in primary mainstream girls schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) from the perspective of special education teachers. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bartlett, Simon (2018). An examination of the analogy of attainment, achievement and success for low performers at Key Stage 2: the disconnected minority. University of Birmingham. M.Sc.

Carroll, Bridget (2018). Understanding, planning for and meeting the needs of children who are known to have experienced neglect in their first year of life: strengthening the influence of research on practice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Choudhury, Dipak (2018). Eco-systemic factors that strengthen the educational inclusion of young carers with additional needs. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Clissold, Katherine (2018). A qualitative exploration of pupil, parent and staff discourses of extended school non-attendance. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Edwards, Ceri Brendan (2018). An exploration of how typical pupils and pupils with autism or Asperger’s syndrome draw faces. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Greaney, Brendan Gerard (2018). Dyslexia in nursing and education - a case study. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mohd Kassim, Ahmad Fikri (2018). Athletes' perceptions of coaching effectiveness in team and individual sport. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Roome, Timothy (2018). Exam stress experienced by GCSE students in a mainstream secondary school: Perceptions of the effects on wellbeing and performance. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Sangar, Maninder Kaur (2018). Mental health and Shame : A Foucauldian analysis of the discourses of South Asian girls and their teachers. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Wood, Rebecca (2018). The inclusion of autistic children in the curriculum and assessment in mainstream primary schools. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Adelakun, Sariat Ajibola (2017). An exploration and development of teaching resources to better include students with visual impairment in science and mathematics classes in South-Western Nigeria: an action research study. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Hemming, Gemma Louise (2017). Understanding the experiences of students and teachers of students diagnosed with ADHD: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the ADHD label in schools. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Işlek, Önder (2017). An investigation into the balance of the school curriculum content for pupils with a visual impairment in Turkey. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Price, Alan Charles (2017). Action research in outdoor learning: promoting social and emotional learning in young people with social emotional and behavioural difficulties. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.


Ashbee, Elaine (2016). Educational inclusion for children with autism in Palestine. What opportunities can be found to develop inclusive educational practice and provision for children with autism in Palestine; with special reference to the developing practice in two educational settings? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Casha, Sonja (2016). Speaking of angels: intellectual disability, identity and further education in Malta. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Evans, Kirsty Marie (2016). Primary school teachers' experiences of well-being. How can well-being be supported by schools and educational psychologists? University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Garcia Ponce, Edgar Emmanuell (2016). An analysis of interactions in English as a foreign language classrooms in Mexico: implications of classroom behaviour and beliefs for speaking practice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Hurd, Angela Susan (2016). Creating culture from scratch: a multiple case study into creating culture in English free schools. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Kiarago, Leonard Gitonga (2016). Educational provision for children with SEBD in Kenya: a review of the current practice. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Lyon, Heath (2016). Perceptions of literacy difficulties and their assessment in a college of further education. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Macleod, Andrea Georgia (2016). “Determined to succeed”: perceptions of success from autistic adults. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Milton, Damian Elgin Maclean (2016). Educational discourse and the autistic student: a study using Q-sort methodology. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Morgan-Rose, Faye (2016). The ideal classroom: perspectives of young people attending a nurture group. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Pelter, Gabrielle Beatrice (2016). In hospital but not forgotten: an exploration into children and young people’s narratives about their experiences of hospitalisation and hospital school. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Poole, Helen Louise (2016). An examination of the function of education in prisons: social, political and penal persepectives. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Reid, Adrianne (2016). Implementing Special Educational Needs and Disability policy reform in further education settings: an exploratory case study of named person perceptions. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Ridout, Susan Joan (2016). Narrating experience: the advantage of using mixed expressive media to bring autistic voices to the fore in discourse around their support requirements. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sewell, Alexandra (2016). Young social beings: an investigation into the social interactions and relationships of a Year Five class. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Timms, Kenneth Philip (2016). Staff training and challenging behaviour: an analysis of social relations in services to people within intellectual disabilities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Deuce, Gail D (2015). CHARGE syndrome is a medical diagnosis. Can it also be an educational diagnosis? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lampropoulou, Konstantina (2015). The education of multiple disabled children and adults in Greece: the voices and experiences of parents and parent associations. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mahoney, John William (2015). The development of mental toughness in adolescents: utilising established theories. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Williams, Huw (2015). Using a sociocultural framework to explore the experiences of visually impaired young people who leave school; their transition experiences, feelings of independence and sense of identity during the transition process: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.


Bartholomew, Paul (2014). Enhancing academic practice through the use of video: a longitudinal case study of professional development in higher education. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Browning, Tessa-Marie (2014). The common assessment framework for supporting families: an educational perspective. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Cozens, Julie Ann (2014). Appreciating the contribution of teaching assistants (TAs): a study of TAs’ descriptions of their support for pupils identified as having special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), using an appreciative inquiry (AI) approach. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.

Harrison, Thomas John (2014). Does the internet influence the character virtues of 11 to 14 year olds in England? A mixed method study with particular regard to cyber-bullying. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kendall-Jones, Rowan (2014). An investigation into the differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and attachment difficulties. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Nelson, Jeanette (2014). Home education: exploring the views of parents, children and young people. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Park, Deborah Louise (2014). Presence, participation and progress: an investigation into changes in attendance, attitudes to learning and achievement following the introduction of an alternative curriculum in a school for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Sharpe, Rebecca Jane (2014). Together or apart? An analysis of social workers' decision-making when considering the placement of siblings for adoption or foster care. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Tansley, Jayne (2014). What are the experiences of parents of children with autism who attend a residential school? an exploratory study using interpretative phenomenological analysis. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.

Watanabe, Airi (2014). Perceptions of barriers to suitable education for children with medical needs in England and Japan. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Woliter, Dean (2014). A realistic evaluation of a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) intervention to support an adolescent diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in a mainstream secondary school. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.


Agyemang, Boakye (2013). Democratic education for school improvement: an exploration of the views of pupils and teacher trainees in Ghana. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Clemerson, Sarah Elizabeth (2013). Autistic peoples' perception of and functioning in space: what makes this problematic? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Crisp, Philippe Michel (2013). An investigation of community coach perceptions of sport intervention programmes. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Cross, Will (2013). Homophobic bullying in secondary schools: a cross age and gender analysis into young people’s views of name-calling. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Danesh Sedigh, Yalda (2013). Development and validation of technology acceptance modelling for evaluating user acceptance of an e-learning framework. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Herriotts-Smith, Stephanie Sue (2013). A socio-cultural activity theory analysis of inter-agency working between educational psychologists and education welfare officers in relation to complex extended school non-attendance (CESN-A) with implications for improved service delivery. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Hewett, Ruth Elizabeth (2013). Muslim girl’s aspirations: an exploration of teacher and pupil discourses. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Islam, Snah N. (2013). An investigation into educational psychologists’ perceptions of traded service delivery, using soft systems methodology. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Khan, Kamran (2013). Becoming British: a migrant’s journey. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lee, Kok Yueh (2013). A genre analysis of written academic feedback. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lomas, Jacquie Charlotte Jayne (2013). Safety/bullying in the community: an exploration of the perceptions of students with learning and/or communication difficulties, of their parents/carers and of their teachers. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Mountain-Everroad, Thorey (2013). A case study exploring the contribution of jazz dance in one vocational ballet school. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Oakley, Lee John (2013). Strategies of legitimation in sex education texts. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Simon, Amanda Rachel (2013). The social positioning of supplementary schooling. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Soni, Sangeeta (2013). 'Izzat' and the shaping of the lives of young Asians in Britain in the 21st century. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sutton, Claire (2013). Experiences of education. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Thomson, Laura (2013). The perceptions of teaching staff about their work with Gypsy, Roma, Traveller children and young people. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Williams, Sarah Louise (2013). Promoting children's mental health at a whole-school level using action research. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Winwood, Jo (2013). Policy into practice: the changing role of the special educational needs coordinator in England. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Wiredu, Margaret (2013). An investigation into the characteristics of effective school-based consultation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Athwal, Sabreen (2012). Being a parent with learning difficulties: an exploratory study of parents’ views and experiences of local support services. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Coates, Alison (2012). An exploration of nurse education leadership as identified and experienced by nurse teachers working in the field of nurse education. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Daniels, David T. (2012). Entrepreneurial academies - myth or reality? The perceptions of senior academy leaders. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Doggett, Caroline Joy (2012). A narrative study of the resilience and coping of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people (UASC) arriving in a rural local authority (LA). University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Harvey, Julie Anne (2012). What’s so Special about Special? Improving inclusion for children with Autism in mainstream schools. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Henderson, Peter S (2012). Tracking the progression of the well-being of children and young people deemed to have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD). University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Johnson, Helen Jane (2012). Cyberbullying issues in schools: an exploratory, qualitative study from the perspective of teaching professionals. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Lamche, Tag (2012). Priming motor-visual skills for football: an assessment of the 4-ball method. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Leigh, Jennifer (2012). Somatic movement and education: a phenomenological study of young children's perceptions, expressions and reflections of embodiment through movement. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Murphy, Jenny (2012). An investigation into the intraorganisional climate that contributes to the development and sustainability of dance companies involving people with learning difficulties. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Osborne-Halsey, Thelma Edwina (2012). The school as an imagined community: the political and educational response of the state to the permanent presence of ‘black’ immigrant children in the British educational system in post-1945 Britain. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Richards, John David Gordon (2012). Investigating drop out in ex-junior rugby union players. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Siddiqui, Nadia (2012). Who reads Urdu women's magazines and why? An investigation of the content, purpose and production of digests. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Tinkler, Christine (2012). Collaboration: Still viable in the changed landscape? A study into the state of collaboration between academies and maintained schools in England. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Tryfonos, Stella (2012). How ‘good practice’ when working with pupils presenting with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) in school is perceived by practitioners: an exploratory case study of two primary ZEP schools in Cyprus. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Webb, Heather (2012). Volume 1: A realistic evaluation exploring the implementation of the social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) programme across a whole-school context & Volume 2: Professional Practice Reports. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Yotanyamaneewong, Saengduean (2012). Thai teachers with low/high burnout and their perceptions of teaching with Special Education Needs (SEN). University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Akhtar, Zobiah (2011). An investigation into homophobic bullying in the education system and the prevalence of homophobic language in a secondary school environment. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Aldaihani, Manal (2011). A comparative study of inclusive education in Kuwait and England. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Andreou, Yiannoula (2011). Investigating the spatial understanding of children who are blind through the use of the child's voice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bailey, Simon (2011). Taking up the challenge: an interpretive phenomenological analysis of teachers’ perceptions regarding the presence of asylum seeker and refugee pupils (ASR) within mainstream primary schools in the Midlands, and the implications this may hold for educational psychologists practice. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Ball, Heather (2011). An investigation into the use of the transporters DVD to enhance emotion recognition in children with an autistic spectrum condition. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Byrne, Andrew Ian (2011). Where do children with a statement of Special Educational Needs transfer to at Change of Phase from Primary to Secondary school and how do parents choose which provision is most suitable for their child? University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Clemerson, Sarah Elizabeth (2011). How can the discourses of autistics be articulated and legitimated to create spatial design criteria for indoor and outdoor space. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Jarvis, Adrian Paul (2011). School effectiveness and the subject leader's influence space: an exploration of the influence of secondary school subject leaders on the professional practice of the members of their departments. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jebbett, Lorraine Marcia (2011). What parents want from direct access to Educational Psychologists in a children’s centre. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Minku, Leandro Lei (2011). Online ensemble learning in the presence of concept drift. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Nelson, Jeanette (2011). Local Authorities’ views of the Badman Review into Elective Home Education. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Thomas, Heather Claire (2011). An investigation of the perspectives of ex-pupils of a special school for pupils with moderate learning difficulties on their schooling. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.


Bromfield, Pauline V (2010). ‘Healthy schools’ and Childhood Obesity: provision and perspectives within an extended services cluster on psychsocial outcomes for children and young people who are overweight or obese. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.

Gillum, James (2010). Using emotional literacy to facilitate organisational change in a primary school : a case study. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Grey-Elsharif, Janet (2010). Understanding parents' perspectives on inclusive education and partnership practice: a Life History approach. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Hart, Robert Gerald Scott (2010). Using video self-modelling to teach new skills to children with social interaction and and communication difficulties. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Houghton, Gaye (2010). Adult Literacy discourses, their philosophical origins and their impact: case studies of the values and assumptions of practitioners. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jutley, Jagjeet (2010). The identification and measurement of autistic features in children with optic nerve hypoplasia, "isolated" hypopituitarism and varying combinations of septo-optic Dysplasia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

McNab, Eleanor (2010). Models of parent-professional collaboration: what do the parents of children with special educational needs value from their interactions with professionals? University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Roberts, Siân Lliwen (2010). Place, life histories and the politics of relief: episodes in the life of Francesca Wilson, humanitarian educator activist. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Rontou, Maria (2010). Provision for students with dyslexia in EFL: an ethnographic case study. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Silver, Katharine (2010). Can guessing intention be a useful component of a personalised system to support social understanding?: A case study involving three adults with Asperger syndrome. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Soni, Anita (2010). Educational psychology work in children's centres: a realistic evaluation of group supervision with family support workers. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Terlektsi, Maria Emmanouela (2010). Imaginative writing of deaf children. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Winstanley, Caroline (2010). Transition planning for young people with severe learning disabilities : social positions and power relationships. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Allen, Caroline (2009). Managing creative synergy in a Learning Organisation with People with Profound and Complex Learning difficulties and/or Disabilities: A continuous quest for integrated development and holistic maturity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Evans, Shirley (2009). E-learning and Blindness: evaluating the quality of the learning experience to inform policy and practice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Brewster, Stephanie Joyce (2007). Asymmetries of power and competence and implications for AAC: interaction between adults with severe learning disabilities and their care staff. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.


Jenner, Simon (2005). An investigation into a local education authority's inclusion strategy : the construction and management of change. University of Birmingham. Ed.Psych.D.


Hodges, Elizabeth Mira (2004). Learning styles in deafblind children; perspectives from practice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Pauli, Diana Mary (2004). Engaging the feeling and will of children with autism through the medium of colour. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Visser 1946-, John (1998). An examination of differentiation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Wise, Susan F. (1998). The behaviour of EBD pupils and their perceptions of the factors and processes that are significant in relation to their own behaviour and resulting placement in special education. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Cooper, Paul William (1990). Respite, relationships and re-signification : a study of the effects of residential schooling on children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, with particular reference to the pupils' perspective. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Laslett, Robert (1976). Educating maladjusted children. University of Birmingham. Other


Burroughs, G.E.R. (1950). Selection of students for training as teachers. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

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