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Adjei Mensah, Collins (2015). Sustaining urban green spaces in Africa: a case study of Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Afridi, Asif Mahmood Khan (2017). Is this as good as it gets? descriptive representation and equality in public policy-making. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ahall, Linda Terese (2011). Heroines, monsters, victims: representations of female agency in political violence and the myth of motherhood. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ahmed, Omar Salat (2012). Settling in? a case study of Somalian refugees living in Stockholm, Sweden. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ahmed, Shamila Kouser (2012). The impact of the ‘war on terror’ on Birmingham’s Pakistani/Kashmiri Muslims’ perceptions of the state, the police and Islamic identities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Al-Ajmi, Sara (2015). Negotiating the representations of Arabs in Hollywood films: perspectives and interpretations of young Kuwaitis. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Alam, Fazlul (1995). Social relations and migration : a study of post-war migration with particular reference to migration from Bangladesh to Britain. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Alhashem, Mohammed Adnan (2017). Prosumption as a discursive practice of consumer empowerment: integration of individual resources and co-prosumption of value in an online community. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ali, Roaa (2015). Arab American drama post 9/11: cultural discourses of an othered identity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Aljohani, Abdulaziz Mousa (2015). Pilgrim crowd dynamics. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Amadi, Mark (2016). British-African Pentecostal megachurches and postmodern worship: comparative and contemporary influence and impact. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Amirmoayed, Ali (2016). Understanding intercultural partnering practices in the United Kingdom: the case of Persian immigrants. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Anderson Rev., Carver L. (2015). Towards a practical theology for effective responses to Black Young Men associated with crime for Black Majority Churches. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Andrews, Kehlinde Nkosi (2011). Back to Black: Black Radicalism and the Supplementary School Movement. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Andrews, Nicole Alexis Clarke (2017). Big Talk: an exploration of seldom heard discourses of body shape and size from African Caribbean women in the context of Primary Care. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Apio, Eunice Otuko (2016). Children born of war in northern Uganda: kinship, marriage, and the politics of post-conflict reintegration in Lango society. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Appiah, Bernard Otopah (2015). Negotiating the integration strategies and the transnational statuses of Ghanaian-led Pentecostal Churches in Britain. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Armitage, Richard Norris (2007). Issues of religious diversity affecting visible minority ethnic police personnel in the work place. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Avedissian, Karena (2015). A tale of two movements: social movement mobilisation in Southern Russia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Babington, Peter Gervase (2017). Ageing well: using action research in a parish church setting. University of Birmingham. Other

Barrett , Heather Joy (1996). Townscape change and local planning management in city centre conservation areas: the example of Birmingham and Bristol. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Beckett, Lynn Susan (2015). An investigation into the factors that influence parental choice of early education and care. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Benedikt, Anja Christina ORCID: 0000-0001-5177-7854 (2020). Imaginings of identity: the construction of national identity in German integration discourses in print news media, 2010-2015. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bennett, Philip Christopher (2013). Peripheral arterial disease amongst minority ethnic groups in the United Kingdom. University of Birmingham. M.D.

Bigford, Winston Victor (2015). Academic success, resilience and ways of being among high achieving African-Caribbean pupils. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Birrell, Jean Russell (1962). The honour of Tutbuy in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Blake, Julie Lorraine ORCID: 0000-0002-0379-1720 (2023). An exploration of the lived experiences of Black Caribbean girls in secondary schools in England in the twenty-first century. University of Birmingham. Ed.D.

Bortoletto, Gianluca (2021). How does immigration relate to crime perceptions and crime rates? Evidence from Europe. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Boscaino, Mattia (2022). Exploring street art in the digital era: how the value of street art is co-created. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Briercliffe, Simon Neil (2022). “The blackest shadows are cast by the Irish quarter”: the making of Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, 1832-1882. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Brogden, Wendy Elizabeth (2018). Catholicism, community and identity in late Tudor and early Stuart Herefordshire. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Brooks, Charlotte ORCID: 0000-0002-0204-2592 (2022). Exploring views on future directions of research involving nonbinary autistic people through lived experience. University of Birmingham. Other

Brown, Robert William (2017). Anglo-Australian racial science, trans-hemispheric transactions, and the "yellow peril" in the Anglosphere, 1850-1960. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bui, Ngoc Thi Quynh (2018). Accomodating traditions of hospitality in a tourist region: The Mekong Delta, Vietnam. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Bustraan, Richard Anderson (2011). Upon your sons and daughters: An analysis of the Pentecostalism within the Jesus People Movement and its aftermath. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Callaghan, David Ian (2015). 'That's not who I was the last time I was here.' A diverse heritage and England's heritage: mutual partners or mutually exclusive. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Carey, Adam (2016). Politics, governance and the shaping of Smethwick since 1945. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Cassidy, Kevin Dayl (2012). The other-race effect in face perception and recognition: contributions of social categorisation and processing strategy. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Castaneda Gameros, Diana (2017). Nutrition and physical activity behaviours in older women ageing in a super-diverse city: a mixed-methods study. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Cen, Yan (2015). City size distribution, city growth and urbanisation in China. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Chackathayil, Julia (2013). Antecedents, characterisation and validity of cardiovascular disease biomarkers amongst South Asians in the UK. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Chan, Wun Fung (2003). Chinese identities: official representations and new ethnicities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Choppy, Penda Theresia (2018). Attitudes to slavery and race in Seychellois Creole oral literature. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Clarke, Marcia (2016). Pentecostal spirituality as lived experience: an empirical study of women in the British Black Pentecostal Church. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Connell, James Astley (2017). Displacing the ‘authentic account': historical trauma, political subjectification and the overdetermination of Tibetan youth subjectivities and agencies. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Da Costa Vieira, Thomas ORCID: 0000-0001-7895-3838 (2022). The British co-operative movement and the state: the struggle for co-operation and the political economy of discontent management, 1964-1990. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Dam, Rinita (2013). The experiences and livelihood strategies of poor people living with HIV/AIDS in Kolkata, India. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Dantas Palmeira Guimaraes, Samara (2020). Comprehending statebuilding through the roles of traditional healers (nyangas) in post-conflict Mozambique: where healing meets justice. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Das, Nabamita (2013). Processes of negotiating intimate heterosexual identities and relations: narratives of three generations of urban middle-class Bengalis living in Kolkata, India. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Davis, Patsy (2003). Green ribbons: the Irish in Birmingham in the 1860s, a study of housing, work and policing. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

DeLeon, Danielle Nicola (2015). Alternative visions: an exploration of inter-racial and/or inter-cultural same-sex relationships. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Deeks, Roger (2017). Officers not gentlemen: officers commissioned from the ranks of the pre-First World War British regular army, 1903-1918. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Duncan, Nikita Louise (2022). Black women's experiences of pregnancy and birth. University of Birmingham. Clin.Psy.D.


Edwards, Shantel (2019). Contemporary British fiction and the marketing of mixed race. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Elster, Julius ORCID: 0000-0001-5255-8266 (2019). The reflexive voices of young people in Tottenham: youth-identity formation, reflexivity and negative representations. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Evans, Rhoda Jayne Nemur (2012). Towards a discovery of 'missing' voices: social forces and the police response to Malta's 6th May 1891 disorder. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Faraj, Mohammed Yousef Mohammed (2020). The social work profession in Palestine: challenges and strategies for future development. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Foster, Elaine F. (1990). Black women in black-led churches : a study of black women's contribution to the growth and development of black-led churches in Britain. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Fursland, Rosalind Jane (2018). Theatrics of modernity: Incidental, impromptu, and everyday performance in early twentieth-century Manhattan. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Gasperetti, Flavia (2012). Italian women migrants in post-war Britain: the case of textile workers (1949-61). University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ghelani, Tilusha (2002). Performing 'blackness': the appropriation of commodified African-American culture by South Asian youth in Britain. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Goode, Charles Edward ORCID: 0000-0003-2654-2521 (2022). The relationship between the green belt, England’s housing crisis and the planning system. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Gore, Ellie R. (2017). Between HIV prevention and lgbt rights: an ethnographic study of queer political activism in Accra, Ghana. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Grewal, Sarjan Singh (2023). Understanding the experiences of non-White ethnic minority care leavers who have experienced a placement with a White foster family. University of Birmingham. Clin.Psy.D.

Guest , Sarah Alicia (2011). Narrating the self – women in the professions in Germany 1900-1945. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Han, Yanwei (2019). Multi-vocal narratives of World Heritage in China: on the case of West Lake cultural landscape. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Hassan, Shabina (2011). Preserving linguistic diversity: a critical analysis of the language debate in postcolonial societies. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Henneberg, Marika Linnéa (2000). Forensic evidence of torture: Investigations into human rights violations. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Henry, Beresford Ivan (1975). Homelessness and a particular response among young West Indians in Handsworth, Birmingham. University of Birmingham. M.Soc.Sc.

Hewett, Ruth Elizabeth (2013). Muslim girl’s aspirations: an exploration of teacher and pupil discourses. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Hilbert, Maria (2011). Youth, citizenship and the production of 'dangerous communities': representations of young Muslims in Britain and Germany. University of Birmingham. M.Res.

Hill, Sharon Grigsby (2023). Linguistic analysis: the impact of African American Vernacular English on the work of non-deaf American sign language/English interpreters. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Holland, Eimear (2021). Physical education cooperating teachers in a community of practice in Ireland: participatory action learning action research. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Howell, Maxine Eudalee (2014). Towards a womanist pneumatological pedagogy: an investigation into the development and articulation of a theological pedagogy by and for marginalised African-Caribbean women. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Huang, Lan Fen (2011). Discourse markers in spoken English: a corpus study of native speakers and Chinese non-native speakers. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Humphries, Sam (2013). Dressing race: clothes, immigration & youth identities in Britain 1965-1972. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Ince, Lynda C (2010). Kinship Care: an Afrocentric perspective. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Jolly, Andrew Peter ORCID: 0000-0001-5903-115X (2020). Household food secuirty and statutory neglect amongst undocumented migrant families in Birmingham. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jones, Patricia A (2010). Refugee Community Organisations working in partnership: The quest for recognition. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Jones, Susan Ann (2018). Women can’t play dominos: an ethnographic study of working class life in a Midlands pub. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Joseph, Ricky (2007). Housing wealth and accumulation: Home ownership experiences of African Caribbean families migrating to Birmingham and London in the period 1950-1970. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Juhari, Mohamed Shamsuri (2011). Perceptions of Singaporean Malay-Muslim youths participating in community outreach programmes: capacity building for critical thinking? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Kang, Tae Suk (2015). The existence and causes of social exclusion on public rental housing estates in South Korea: the universalism of the undeserving poor. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kemoklidze, Nino (2015). Identity and violence: cases in Georgia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kennedy, John (2018). Minding their own business: an ethnographic study of entrepreneurship in Putin’s Russia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kerr, David (2014). Performing the self: rappers, urban space and identity in Dar es Salaam. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Khan, Kamran (2013). Becoming British: a migrant’s journey. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kim, Tae-Byung (2010). Collaborative governance for sustainable development in urban planning in South Korea. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kimberley, Laura Frances (2014). Influence of internal versus external egalitarian goals on stereotype accessibility following goal-behaviour discrepancies. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kokab, Farina (2016). Understanding health beliefs and lifestyle practices in relation to social support in the Pakistani community, West Midlands, UK. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Kooijmans, Frederik Johannus (2015). The politics of youth and violence in the townships of Johannesburg. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Kumar, Kanta (2015). Beliefs about and adherence to medicines in patients with rheumatoid athritis: the influence of ethnicity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Lamonte, Jon (2011). Attitudes in Britain towards its Armed Forces and war 1960-2000. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lee, Chang-Bin (2007). An investigation into the interrelationship between tourism and cultural policy in the discourse of urban regeneration: case studies in Birmingham and Liverpool. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lee, Min (2011). The conversion of Cornelius, seen against the political and social background of the Roman Empire. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Li, Yuen Lam (2018). Empowering women: participatory film projects for women. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Liang, Ziting (2011). Incremental democratization with Chinese characteristics. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Liao, Tzu-Chi (2012). The nature of father-daughter relationships in Taiwanese immigrant families living in Britain. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lin, Xiaodong (2010). Rural men in urban China: masculinity and identity formation of male peasant workers. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Liu, Sung-Ta (2009). Representing national identity within urban landscapes: Chinese settler rule, shifting Taiwanese identity, and post-settler Taipei City. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Llangco, Mark Oliver S. (2013). Transnationalised belonging: second-generation Filipinos in England. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Lomas, Jacquie Charlotte Jayne (2013). Safety/bullying in the community: an exploration of the perceptions of students with learning and/or communication difficulties, of their parents/carers and of their teachers. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Longmate, Elizabeth (2003). Analysing the development, management and growth of integrated digital communities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Loonam, Mary (2018). An exploration of member involvement with online brand communities (OBCs). University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lowe, John (2010). Developing a framework for researching ethnicity and multiculturalism in New Zealand. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Lunn, Andrew John (2012). The neighbourhood church in an individualized world. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Mackenzie, Rowan Mia (2021). Creating Space for Shakespeare with Marginalised Communities. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mahmood, Majid (2010). Assertive outreach services in the United Kingdom. University of Birmingham. Clin.Psy.D.

Matthews 1953-, Bob (2001). Mixed ethnicity, health and healthcare experiences. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mbillah, Charity Lamisi (2018). Prosperity gospel and adherent social mobility in Ghana. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

McMullin, Caitlin (2018). Co-production and the third sector: a comparative study of England and France. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

McNeil, Sheryllin Leiselle (2010). 'The only black in the village': a qualitative exploration of the experience of black psychologists in Britain. University of Birmingham. Clin.Psy.D.

Miao, Hui (2012). In-visibility: the sentimental in Chinese cinema since the 1990s. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Miles, Natasha Frances (2011). The baroque guitar as an accompaniment instrument for song, dance and theatre. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Milner, Daniel Michael (2017). Songs and integration of the New York Irish, 1783-1883. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Misler, Andrea-Renée (2017). The Othona Community: “a strange phenomenon”. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mogra, Imran (2009). Life histories of Muslim teachers in Birmingham primary schools. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Moore, Steve (2016). The abuse of older people in private sector care homes: Why does it occur? Why does it endure? University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Morrison, Doreen (2012). Reaching for the Promised Land: the role of culture, issues of leadership and social stratification within British Caribbean Christianity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mudavanhu, Jannet (2010). The attitude of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to homosexuality: towards a socio-sexological theological investigation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mugisha, Charles B. (2014). A narrative study of social work with African refugees in South London. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Mulcare, Rachael Shalene (2020). Challenging the dominant discourse of young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds: social mobility, aspirations and the role of intersectionality. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.

Muthy, Nessah Aisha (2012). Pickaninny: a full length play with an accompanying critical analysis. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Naqvi, Zainab Batul (2018). Critical feminist perspectives on the legal recognition of polygamous marriages in the UK. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Nasar, Saima (2016). Subjects, citizens and refugees: the making and re-making of Britain’s East African Asians. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ncube, Cornelias (2010). Contesting hegemony : civil society and the struggle for social change in Zimbabwe, 2000-2008. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Ng, Elaine Hui Ru (2017). Contemporary Shakespeare performances in Asia and the intercultural imperative. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Oaten, Alexander (2017). Understanding a populist discourse: an ethnographic account of the English Defence League’s collective identity. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Odell, Peter R. (1954). A study of the development of urban spheres of influence in Leicestershire. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Odhiambo, Mary Thamari (2019). In dhako moromo? Femininity, gender relations and livelihood vulnerabilities in the fishing villages of southwestern Kenya. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Osborne-Halsey, Thelma Edwina (2012). The school as an imagined community: the political and educational response of the state to the permanent presence of ‘black’ immigrant children in the British educational system in post-1945 Britain. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Palmer, Lisa Amanda (2011). The politics of loving blackness in the UK. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Papoutsi, Anna (2020). Bordering the city: an ethnography of everyday bordering practices in Athens, Greece. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Patel, Kamna (2012). Tenure and vulnerability: the effects of changes to tenure security on the identity and social relationships of the urban poor. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Patrick, Martin Luther (2009). The myth of the Black male beast in postclassical American cinema: ‘Forging’ stereotypes and discovering Black masculinities. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Payling, Daisy Catherine Ellen (2016). ‘Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire’: activism in Sheffield in the 1970s and 1980s. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Pennant, April-Louise Modupeola Omowumi Omolara ORCID: 0000-0002-1963-7832 (2020). “Look, I have gone through the education system and I have tried damn hard to get to where I am, so no one is gonna stop me!": the educational journeys and experiences of Black British women graduates. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Pethia, Stacey R. (2011). Reconstructing communities: the impact of regeneration on community dynamics and processes. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Phillips, Caroline Jill (2016). Being church in Longbridge: practical theology of local churches in a post-industrial community. University of Birmingham. Th.D.

Phillips, Henrietta Phillipa Anne Malion (2017). Cultural representations of the Moors Murderers and Yorkshire Ripper cases. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Polydorou, Elena Maria (2011). The reception of Federico Garcia Lorca and his rural trilogy in the UK and Spain after 1975. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Prashar, Neha (2018). Essays on affirmative action policies in employment in India. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Qamaruz Zaman, Nurulhusna (2021). Participatory placemaking: governance and emotion in the urban regeneration of Malaysia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Rasell, Michael (2011). Social citizenship, disability and welfare provision in contemporary Russia: views from below. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Reading, Kerrie Leanne (2013). The guided tour in the under-celebrated urban space. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Roberts, Gregory John (2011). Entrepreneurship: an African Caribbean perspective. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Rocha-Schmid, Elaine (2015). Adolescents’ home literacy practices across social classes in Sao Paulo, Brazil and their teachers’ conceptualizations of these practices. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Rossi, Monica (2010). The city and the slum: an action research on a Moroccan and a Roma Xoraxanè community in Rome. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Rowlands, Rob (2013). How do we plan community?: planning, housing and co-operative development. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Rueda Esteban, Nancy Rocío ORCID: 0000-0001-8579-2032 (2021). World heritage and community change: the case of Santa Cruz de Mompox, Colombia. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Sacranie, Halima (2011). Strategy, culture and institutional logics: a multi-layered view of community investment at a large housing association. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sagoo, Gopinder Kaur (2016). Making and shaping the first Nishkam Nursery: a linguistic ethnographic study of a British Sikh project for childhood. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sandland, Barbara ORCID: 0000-0002-2644-6436 (2022). The spiral of self-identification of autism. understanding self-identification of autism through firsthand experiences. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Schierenbeck, Carsten (2010). On the governance of regional innovation systems. Case studies from four city-regions within the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia: Aachen, Dortmund, Duisburg and Düsseldorf. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Schrijnders, Marlene (2019). From London to Leipzig and back: (Post-)Punk, ‘Endzeit’ and Gothic in the GDR. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Searle, Kenneth Andrew (2015). Aspirational identity in British “gay masculinity”: 1991-2011. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Shabnam, Razia Sultana (2011). Turkey and the European Union: a step too far? An investigation into the journey of Turkey’s road to EU membership. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Shanks, Peter (2022). The governance of housing association diversification in Northern Ireland: managing interdependent social and commercial logics. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sharma, Natasha (2015). Exploring the cultural context of Honour Based Violence (HBV) from a male perspective in Asian and Middle Eastern communities across the globe. University of Birmingham. Foren.Psy.D.

Shaw, Mark (1977). Residential patterns and social change: Wolverhampton, 1851-1871. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Shoaib, Sohbia Binit (2010). Intimate partner violence and the black and minority ethnic community. University of Birmingham. Foren.Psy.D.

Siddiqui, Nadia (2012). Who reads Urdu women's magazines and why? An investigation of the content, purpose and production of digests. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Smith, Helen Victoria (2012). Elizabeth Taylor Cadbury (1858-1951): religion, maternalism and social reform in Birmingham, 1888-1914. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Smith, John Thomas (1953). Shrewsbury: topography and domestic architecture to the middle of the seventeenth century. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Smojkis, Maureen (2014). Out of the shadows: exploring the lives of the Birmingham Polish. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Soni, Sangeeta (2013). 'Izzat' and the shaping of the lives of young Asians in Britain in the 21st century. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Stewart, Melrose (2012). Exploration of cultural competence in an undergraduate physiotherapy programme. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Stone, Selina Rachel ORCID: 0000-0002-6675-3326 (2021). Holy spirit, holy bodies?: Pentecostal spirituality, pneumatology and the politics of embodiment. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Strain-Fajth, Veronika ORCID: 0000-0002-7536-8307 (2023). The integration of immigrants and their descendants across Europe: a multidimensional overview. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Sultana, Anjam (2014). An IPA study exploring how educational settings influence the experiences, identity and academic attainment of Pakistani students as they progress to Higher Education. University of Birmingham. Ap.Ed.&ChildPsy.D.


Taylor-Collins, Emma ORCID: 0000-0003-0385-9163 (2022). Girlhoods and social action: an intersectional approach to working-class girls' participation. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Terry, Vita Lang (2017). Organisational responses in challenging times: a case study of asylum seeker and refugee third sector organisations. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Thomas, Kaitlin Elizabeth (2018). Amexica: de Mexico, por la frontera y al norte. Exploring the axis of 21st century Mexican and U.S. identities through printed and visual millenial rhetorical mediums. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Thompson, Zoë (2010). Urban constellations: reading contemporary cityscapes with Benjamin and Baudrillard. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Tonkiss, Katherine E. (2012). Constitutional patriotism and the post-national paradox: an exploration of migration, identity and loyalty at the local level. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Traies, Jane Elizabeth (2009). Now you see me: the invisibility of older lesbians. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.


Usta, Onur (2017). In pursuit of herds or land? Nomads, peasants and pastoral economies in Anatolia from a regional perspective, 1600-1645. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Wang, Zhuoyo (2011). Lay participation in China. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Wazed, Soniya (2012). Gender and social exclusion/inclusion: a study of indigenous women in Bangladesh. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Weaver, Bismillah Khatoon (1978). Religious cults of liberation: an analysis of the Nation of Islam and the Ras Tafarian movements. University of Birmingham. M.Soc.Sc.

Wheeler, Louise (2017). A linguistic ethnographic perspective on Kazakhstan’s trinity of languages: language ideologies and identities in a multilingual university community. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

White, Hazel Susan (2011). The cathedral as icon: a study of congregational growth in cathedrals. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

White, Jessica Helen Jennifer (2018). Black corporeality: exploring women's embodiment in Caribbean, Brazilian and diasporic histories. University of Birmingham. M.A.

Whitworth, Olivia Stephanie Sophia (2016). Transnational women's networks: material and virtual spaces in Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Willetts, Marjorie R. (2011). Living on the edge; the social and economic culture of the rock house communities in Kinver from 1700 to 1963. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Wise, M.J (1951). Essays on the growth of Birmingham and other contributions to the geographical study of the Birmingham district. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Wood, Grace Emily Rachel ORCID: 0000-0003-2622-2501 (2023). Optimising urban environments to promote active and healthy ageing using a citizen science approach. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


You, Yong Lim (2014). The meaning of work for older employed people learning to understand age discrimination in South Korea. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.


Zaidi, Afroze Fatima (2015). The ‘Islam’ in ‘Islamophobia’: examining perceptions of Islam as a faith in online British discourse. University of Birmingham. M.Phil.

Zainal Abidin, Nuruljannah (2017). Designing sustainable city centre regeneration in Malaysia: the case of Kuala Lumpur. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

Zhang, Shasha (2013). Cross-class families: a social capital perspective. University of Birmingham. Ph.D.

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