Information for thesis authors


Students completing Postgraduate Research programmes at the University of Birmingham are required to submit an electronic copy of their final thesis to the University. Please see the Steps to Deposit for Current Students below.

If you have gained a research degree (eg PhD, MPhil by research) from the University in the past, you are also welcome to submit your thesis to this repository.


Benefits for you as an author


Copyright and confidentiality

You must ensure that your thesis or dissertation does not include any copyright material belonging to someone else, unless you have permission from the rights holder(s) to include their material in your eTheis. See the Library's guidance on Copyright for guidance.

You must also ensure that your thesis does not include confidential material that should not be made available via the web.

The EThOS Toolkit contains helpful advice on many aspects of electronic theses. The answers under the FAQs for Authors are also relevant for the University eTheses Repository.

All Doctoral theses in this Repository are automatically included in EThOS.


Steps to deposit

For current students preparing to graduate:

  1. At the time of presenting your thesis for examination, you will be required to complete an Author Declaration, and an Abstract and Access form.
  2. After you have completed all revisions and corrections to the satisfaction of your examiners, you will receive a letter of award. This letter will specify the deadline by which you must submit the electronic copy of your thesis, and the final hardbound copy.
  3. For your e-thesis, please convert your files to .pdf format if possible, preferably compliant with the PDF/A standard, or to a valid .xml document. Word format is also acceptable if you do not have access to a suitable converter. It is acceptable to submit multiple files if eg, your unnumbered preliminary pages are in a separate document.
  4. If you are still on campus, you can take a copy of your thesis to any of the Library or Learning Centre computer clusters. Make a copy of the file and open it in Word. From there you can convert it to PDF:
    • Choose File- Save As
    • Under Type choose PDF
    • From the Options button/tab, select the following:
      • Page range: All
      • Publish what: Document
      • Include: Document structure tags for accessibility
      • PDF options: ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)
  5. E-mail your thesis to together with a copy of your Abstract and Access form . Please also contact this e-mail address with any queries you may have about access to your thesis, or phone the Digital Assets Team in Library Services on 0121 414 3397. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your submission within 2-3 working days.
  6. We will contact you when your e-thesis submission is accepted.

For former students who graduated before 2010:

  1. Read the supplementary author agreement at
  2. Sign the author agreement and provide the data requested on page 2. Post or e-mail the signed author agreement, as instructed.
  3. If you have an electronic copy of your thesis, please convert your thesis to .pdf format if possible, or to a valid .xml document. However Word format is also acceptable. If you do not have an electronic copy, we may scan your thesis from the copy in the Library.
  4. E-mail your thesis details (and thesis files if available) to Please also contact this e-mail address with any queries, or phone the Digital Assets Team in Library Services on 0121 414 3397.
  5. We will contact you when your thesis is available in the repository.


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