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An estimation of risk of Colles’ fracture using model-based interpretation of bone profiles

Sawasdichai, Araya (2010)
M.Res. thesis, University of Birmingham.

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In this thesis a technique to estimate the risk of Colles’ fracture using ordinary radiographs, instead of performing expensive DXA scans is described. The risk of fracture was estimated by maximum stress of the bone which was modelled as a parallel sided tube. Grey-level profiles across the radius bone were sectioned into seven line-piece segments to create a model. The collected profiles were used to construct gender specific models from 68 male subjects and 48 female subjects. These models were used to interpret unseen images and locate the internal and external radius of the radius bone. The internal and external radius were measured using the model-based interpretation. The error of the detection compared to manual measurements was less than 2%. The stress on the radius bone was derived, and used as a measure for the risk of fracture. Results showed a bivariate distribution of values between fractured and non-fractured subjects with 92% confidence in population different. With further development this technique could be used to screen those at high-risk of a Colles’ fracture by gauging the thickness of the wall of the radius bone using model-based image interpretation.

Type of Work:M.Res. thesis.
Supervisor(s):Pycock, David
School/Faculty:Colleges (2008 onwards) > College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Department:School of Electronic, Electrical and Computing Engineering

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Keywords:Colles’ fracture, risk of fracture estimation, distal radius bone, model-based interpretation
Subjects:RC1200 Sports Medicine
QM Human anatomy
QA76 Computer software
QC Physics
Institution:University of Birmingham
ID Code:697
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